Porsche Cayman Premium Sound Upgrade

The ultimate integration upgrade. With a massive upgrade but aesthetically unnoticeable. We specialise in all areas of integration and working with what your vehicle already has rather than defaulting to the usual replacement.
This customer wanted more out of the Caymans premium Bose system. We carefully added components that would enhance rather than replacing. The factory Bose system was already high end, so we added Helix’s V8 Digital Sound Processor that provided us the ability to custom tune the system which resulted in higher quality audio. We also added one of our Apple CarPlay & Android Auto integration kits to upgrade the outdated factory system. The system lacked bass so we chose a compact 8″ subwoofer in an enclosure that delivered enough bass without taking up unnecessary space. With a system upgrade like this, we highly recommend sound deadening for any of our systems to improve sound quality and minimise any potential rattles. We chose Focal’s BAM sound deadening to match the quality of the system.