We perform diagnostic testing on any faults in relation to your vehicle. This includes car alarms, previous installations, car audio, in-car entertainment and parking monitoring systems. Have confidence in the safety or your vehicle with help from the diagnostic testing specialists at Newcastle Pro Sound!


Car Alarms, GPS Tracking, Dash cameras, you name it! We offer a wide variety of products to make sure your vehicle is safe at all times. Whether it’s a work or personal vehicle, Newcastle Pro Sound can upgrade your car security to ensure you and your vehicle are kept safe!
We are an authorised Viper Alarm dealer and
authorised Viper technicians.


Upgrading your sound system can be daunting if you are unsure of what you need. Our experts take the time to listen and ask questions, so we tailor your sound system to you! We supply subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, and everything you need to get the perfect sound system or even an affordable upgrade!


With newer vehicles advancing in technology, integration is becoming harder. Being an Alpine Blue Store supplier, we sell Alpines extensive range including their Integration kits.
We offer a range of car stereos, CD-Players, Hand’s Free, Bluetooth streaming, CarPlay, Android Auto, Satellite Navigation, and much more!


We offer a wide range of parking monitoring solutions, including reverse camera systems on caravans, vehicles, and trucks. We also offer parking sensors, Dual camera setups, and lane departure assistance. You won’t need to worry about what’s behind you ever again!
If you’re looking for a reverse monitoring system for either your work or personal car, we have a solution for you! Are you an Uber driving looking to upgrade your monitoring or security system? Newcastle Pro Sound can help!


DVD head rests, DVD Roof mounts, and WIFI Touch Screen Tablet’s that clip on! These can be life savers for those long family trips. No more boredom!